March 5th - May 20th

Curated by: Sarah McCann

Hosted by: Towson ARTS Collective

Artists (click on a name to view work and statement):

Regina Armenta

Hannah Brancato

Jillian Branch

Jane Byers

Colin Campbell

Alfredo Caro

Laura Cohen

Pat Dennis

Norm Dubin

Nicole Foran

Danielle Foushée

Moira Fratantuono

Lindsy Halleckson

Ryan Hendon

Liz Hlavek

Mary Jo Kehne

Grandmother Edna Lawrence

Shaun Martin

Scott Massarsky

Lisa Perkowski

Paula Phillips

Christina Ralls

Aïdah Aliyah Rasheed

Barbara Simcoe

Christine Stiver

Adam Thorman

Eliza Lynn Tobin

Ed Towles

About Towson ARTS Collective:

Towson ARTS Collective provides a venue for artists while being an art education center. We seek to promote the growth of greater Towson's art community by combining the knowledge and energy of its residents and students with working professionals.