Seeing Forever

My impulse to paint comes from my heart. I strive in my life and in my creative pursuits to express a state of harmony that is peaceful. For that reason I have always bee drawn to Nature and particularly to gardens. The beauty of delicate flowers blooming seems, to me, to announce that all is well in the world. There is optimism in my paintings of such subjects.

I hope the viewer has positive feelings upon looking at my paintings of gardens, florals and house portraits that spell “Home”. To strive for harmonious relations with our family, friends, work associates and communities there needs to be an intention to interact with compassion and positive feelings.  An artist dips her brush into her soul, it seems, and shares that, openly, with the world.

So often, while painting, I focus on slowing myself down, and hopefully the viewer will too, to really see the beautiful colors around us and to breathe in the dynamics of special harmony. The reactions to this visual pleasure can be a feeling of ease and patience.

I like to share my work by donating a piece to charity each year.  My recently published art book titled, Gardens of Catonsville, has been a peaceful effort to share the beauty of my hometown with others. And my business cards say that I paint “Happiness Paintings” as I do paint from a place of joy and contentment. Like striving for peace, my efforts in getting the results I want in a painting can be frustrating but the focus on harmony of color and design does the job.