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HEAR US NOW?!?! inFusion Film Festival and Exhibition 
Curated by Allison Duggan, Gerad Forte, and Sarah McCann

Film Festival May 6-7

Exhibition on view May 6 - June 3

The A. Hoen & Co. Lithograph Building

2101 E Biddle St, Baltimore, MD 21213

Hear Us Now?!?! a film festival and art exhibition focused on Baltimore, social justice, and the effects of Covid-19. The festival and exhibition is a follow up to the 2019 inFusion Film Festival and exhibition Are We Loud Enough? and showcases Baltimore artists, filmmakers, and artwork that is related to the struggle for justice, equity, and transformation needed in our communities now. Artists were asked to submit visual art and films that address the wider themes and/or answer questions like: 

  • What is life like in your Baltimore neighborhood? 
  • What do you love about your community? 
  • Who are the people and places that make where you live a special place?  
  • What are the challenges people in your community face? 
  • How has our society’s history of oppression and violence impacted where you live?
  • How has Covid-19 impacted any of the above?

Artists: Zizwe Allette, Daisy Brown, Tatiana C., Roy Crosse, Eager Quilters, how-weLL, Tiffany Jones, Shamarah Jones, Shariah Jones, Zoe Nowoslawski, Hannah Nowoslawski, Caroline Rice, Ali Thomas, Access Art program at Commodore John Rodgers, Wide Angle Youth Media

How We Are Healing looks at the creative process as a radical act of healing. Art as a way of processing pain and trauma; art as a way of forging connections and rebuilding relationships; art as a way of communicating when words fail to express the depths of our feelings and emotions; and art as a means of transforming inequitable structures and healing oppressive systemic issues. This exhibition will focus on art and the artist's ability to express our truths individually and as a collective in a way that mends what is broken, heals sickness and suffering, and opens space for growth toward wholeness, justice, and liberation for ourselves and our collective communities.

Exhibition now online!

Participating artists: Hannah Brancato | Ram Brisueno | Colin Campbell | Alanah Nichole Davis | Sara Dittrich |  Norm Dubin | Quentin Gibeau | Kellie Gillespie | Shana Goetsch | Kali Hinton | Nora Howell | Zoey HowelL-Brown | Cinder Hypki | Benjamin Jancewicz | Tacie Jones | Dasha Kalumuck | Ken Krafchek | Racine Lancaster | Catherine Leberg | Rikiesha Metzger | Kenlynn Schroeder | Laura Sligh | Angela Sriram | Tyrone Weedon

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