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Mosaic Workshop at Creative Alliance

December 15, 2022


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New Work!

Check out my news series Jesus Pieces a series that combines the lyrics from the song Suzanne with the Stations of the Cross. This body of work examines the role of spirituality, life and death, the journey of Jesus and in many ways how this journey parallels the journey of each of us through our lives. The lyrics “only drowning men can see him” were really what drew me to this work and I began creating these pieces by collecting discarded metal objects I found. As I created the work, it began to delve deeply into the dark thought that the only way we as a people are able to grow, change, connect to each other, and to something larger is by directly barreling toward our own death and destruction. 

Full series can be viewed here.

And He Spent a Long Time Watching

Mixed Media, 2022, 12"x9"

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