Practise Changing Patterns and Practise Trust

Practise [sic] Changing Patterns

The practice of changing patterns is one that requires patience. I wanted to feel the process of changing the physical neuro pathways within the body. I chose to learn how to juggle at a time in my life when I wanted to change life long patterns that were no longer serving me in my authentic expression. This was interesting because no matter how much I wanted to change my being would revert back to what I already knew. This was super frustrating until I discovered that patience was missing. I became patient with myself as I slowly changed while dropping the ball many times. I learned to pick up the balls with the excitement that change was not just a goal, but was actually happening. Feeling this in your body helps you recognize the beauty of growth. It is slow and consistent if you keep engaging.

Through the practice of changing pattern I learned to be patient with not only myself but with the people around me. I learned to love the process and enjoy the slow but consistent growth of my expression. Being able to accept this had allowed me to accept myself in a way that I can connect with others authentically with love and compassion.

World peace is about living with peace inside yourself!!

Practise [sic] Trust

The practice of trust is about the process of physically feeling trust within the body. When you can practice trust within yourself you are able to feel what trust is, in the physical experience. With this knowledge you are able to recognize when you are trusting and when you are not. Knowing this allows you to make decisions from trust and not from fear.

The clown on a tree is an example of a pole trick that is super scary. The process and elements of this pole trick are: that without strength you cannot do this pole trick, however if you do have the strength then you should be able to do this trick. I realized that I did have the strength to do the trick but was too scared to let go and fall back. When I realized this I climbed up the pole and mentally said “keep engaging, even when you feel fear.” I did and as a result I was able to fall back and express my trick with
confidence. This trick is made up of trusting myself and experiencing what trust looks and feels like.

Through this process I was able to recognize a visceral reaction to making decisions not based on fear. Fear is something that can be a catalyst in making decisions that are not really your authentic self, if you are unable to recognize trust, you may never be able to change reaction based on fear.

Through the practice of trust I am able to trust myself, trust others and move in the world from a place that is authentically who I am.