On June 5, 2011 I ran a workshop at ShortieCon as part of my work with Wide Angle Youth Media. I facilitated a lesson called A Documentary in a Day where students created a documentary in the classroom about something they had expertise or strong opinions on. The lesson requires students to brainstorm a topic, write a script and film a video that will require no editing. Youth Power! is the result. It is about how young people have the power to change the world, why they need to act on this power and examples of how they might do so and it was made in an hour!

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I moved to Baltimore in 2007. It was the first time I owned a car. In 2010 I started working with high school students at Wide Angle Youth Media. My students rode multiple buses every day. So we decided that they would teach me how to negotiate Baltimore's public transportation system. We documented the experience in Sarah's First Ride.

In 2009 I was teaching an after school program with the Youth Dreamers. Working with young people in the program I was amazed at their energy and grace. I saw that they had very different ways of doing things than myself, but through our shared activities we began to grow and encourage each other’s best selves.

The idea for this video came out of my students’ love of dance, step and movement. The program had a visual arts emphasis, I was trained in studio arts and that is what I felt most comfortable in, but they had different strengths. We worked to find ways to join these talents and communicate the different ways we expressed ourselves.