Putting the Pieces Together: An Exhibition to Address All That is Broken

What do artists do with broken pieces? What do we all do with our broken pieces? As ceramic artists, we experience breakage everyday. As mosaic artists we use our broken pieces to create beautiful objects. This exhibition asks artists to address the questions of how we put things back together when they break. Sometimes this is purposeful, like cracking an egg for breakfast. Sometimes this is unintentional like breaking someone's heart. Some things were broken through a violent history and through generations still need to be healed.

The cement and grout that is used to adhere broken pieces of tile, mirror and mixed media create beautiful objects that hold meaning not just as a whole, but in each piece used to create the image or sculpture they become together. The artists that works in this art form weaves together personal stories and larger narratives of the histories that we share.

This exhibition asks artists to create mosaic work that speak of things that are broken and illustrate how we may as individuals and a community work with one another to put the pieces back together.

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