Art in the Garden

I spent every day for two weeks in a garden lot in Southwest Baltimore painting compelling signs. The early signs are quotes and phrases chosen by myself, but as the project progressed members of the community made suggestions for signs that I painted. In two cases young community members painted their own sign. These signs, which now hang on the fence that delineate the garden, activate the space, by drawing attention to the garden as an asset in the community and encourage people‚Äôs relationship to it.

Collaborators on this project were: Operation ReachOut SouthWest, the Bon Secours of Maryland Foundation, and community members of SouthWest Baltimore. The project was generously funded by the Parks & People and TKF Foundations.

Garden Sign: Just Do What You Do
Garden sign: Do Your Actions Speak as Loud as Your Words
Garden sign: Youth are being imprisoned in Iraq
Garden sign: Youth are being imprisoned in Baltimore
Garden sign: Life is a series of starts
Garden sign: You help me from disgrace
Garden sign: CULTURE IS FREE
Garden sign: No Question is a Stupid Question
Garden Sign: Creation is a Constant Challenging

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