Mare Vaccaro

Airstream Waiting for Oliver

Digital C-Print Digital C-Print

2010 2010

$1200 $1200

My work investigates the deconstructed female form and its relationship to femininity, beauty and empty adornment. I have a genetic miscoded medical condition that renders my body completely hairless. In the absence of a created persona I am a blank canvas. I use this blank deconstructed form to explore the "created" self-designed expression that assimilates societal expectations of femininity. This "deconstructed self" depicts the female form without defined beauty or persona.

The pressure to adorn oneself according to the standard of femininity leads to the creation of persona that masks the true self and manipulates the world into believing that what it sees is real when it is not. I am using the deconstructed female form to question what is real, what is persona, and whether femininity can be redefined.