Lindsy Halleckson

Untitled Camouflage

Acrylic on canvas


Color has always been a main focus in my work. If we look back throughout history, colors have taken on meanings, been given powers, and have embodied an enormous amount of symbolism. The color red, for me, has been like a security blanket. I depend on its ability to convey strength, passion, love, and rage – the wide range of personalities we let it command.

Camouflage symbolizes my struggle for survival in a time of personal economic uncertainty, cultural shift, and political transformation. During times of economic recession and war, we retreat from abundance, and focus on survival and sustainability. Camouflage is about blending in, yet in these days, it is also about standing out. Camo hides shapes by generating hints of many other possible shapes. Instead of staying silent, camouflage is effective by being noisy: it hides signal with noise. Development of camouflage has been a continuous global phenomenon since the 1930s; and has been as much concerned with national identity for politicians as with environmental disguise for soldiers. Nations across the globe attach pride to the creation of their own pattern thus creating a symbol of protection and pride correlating with survival in nature and in war. Camouflage not only equates to function, adaptation, and evolution but depicts survival in my art, life, and culture as well.

While being in this mental place of uncertainty and flux, I took a retreat in Northern Minnesota with twelve other women artists. There was something about being a part of this group of women that gave this piece a different feel than the previous camouflage pieces I had created. Though the color is bold, the quality of the lines are soft, organic and nurturing. Creating art in the midst of other people is like welcoming someone into your home. Something about it is deeply personal. In reality, this piece is more about exposing (or becoming comfortable with exposing) the true self than being camouflaged.