Melissa Harrison

Grace and Mercy Lift Me High



Most of my work reflects ideas and notions of relationships and roles women play in those relationships. I am fascinated by the multiple roles women assume and those that society place upon them. I become ever more aware of most women's capacity to love family, community and then give openly from that love. Since having children of my own, I am aware of the constant internal struggle and demands of motherhood while also trying to hold onto the things that make up a large part of my individual self. I am constantly amazed at the devotion women show to their families. My art reflects the intense emotions that I sense and feel with my own children and those I see between other women and their children. These intense emotions come about through bonding and shared experiences. When a mother breastfeeds and infant their hearts beat in sync. Women truly do play a large part in our families and in the community. Their biological urge to love, nurture, care, and help others brings about improvements in communities and supports strong families. My personal work focuses entirely on the intense emotions felt by women and their children, often expressed during quiet and intimate moments as they sleep, hug, and play...that intimate moment where it seems as if their heart beat as one.