White Women

A series of linocuts with handset type that critically examines whiteness by confronting white women. Some who are outwardly racist, some complicit in creating racist institutions, and some who may desire to be anti-racist, but inadvertently uphold systems of white supremacy and racism. These include the history of white women's active participation in constructing racist policy and building and upholding systems of white supremacy in the United States.

My focus on white woman is because I am one. As such, I benefit from white supremacy but am also oppressed because of patriarchy. This in-between provides an opportunity to act either as victim or oppressor. Throughout history too many white women have gained power by continuing to oppress people of color. White women throughout history continue to oppress in this manner in order to leverage additional power. It is only through knowing this history that we will be able to move forward in a new way.

All prints 18"x12"