Something to Remember You By investigates my attempt at connection through online dating through the images and text that often reveal very little about a person, their presence, and the depths of who they are. In a modern world where technology has placed so many people at our fingertips we swipe right if we are intrigued enough to want to begin a conversation. What do we actually gain in these interactions? Do we even remember the face, the person, do we even get a glimpse into who they are? What do we know about whether or not there will be chemistry, a connection, or shared interests enough to build a relationship, home or life? What do we reveal about ourselves through crafting a profile? What do we present and what do we keep hidden?

In this series, I wanted to explore who we are and show up as vs. who we would like to be and present. Some things, which are true and cannot be hidden, some which are masks we show to the world, and some which are the soft parts of ourselves we keep concealed to protect our hearts. The world of online dating gives us very little of any of the above and these drawings represent all the people who I might remember vaguely by a photo or line in their profile, but who I will not invest the time to get to know truly, deeply, and as completely as I can know another.

In addition to these small rectangular drawings and text pieces inspired by dating apps, I have completed a series of slightly larger drawings of people that I know and love in real life, where connections were forged through collective experience. Reminiscent of family photos, this work illustrates the connection through a shared moment. These vary widely from dates to long term friends to colleagues who I have worked alongside of. Were some of these also a random connection? Maybe, but they became more. These are people that I know and who know me, who have shown up for days, weeks, years, and some I anticipate a lifetime. These drawings scratch the surface of what is maintained in the memory of the relationship and although give the viewer more than a snapshot of an individual, also leave them out of the history, the love, the future of those in each drawing.

And yet even in observing these connections without specificity, we still find hope. A hope that these and our own connections will persevere. That someone or someones will continue to and do show up. Maybe always fully unknowable, as people’s surprising beauty and secrets are wells that run deep, but with time and connection reveal more of themselves and understanding of each other. A series of moments that become a relationship, that builds depth and connection through experience and commitment.

I have also included a small series of earlier work in the same style drawn from family photos. Primarily landscapes, these drawings leave all people out of the frame, maybe signaling to the viewer that although they may get entry into the place, they will never know the individuals, family, relationships, and joy in the people standing and observing the vista. That is to be kept to those who were there and those who have deep enough relationships to be invited into the love and joy of deeper connections. 

Thank you for viewing these drawings. Maybe in the future you will be in one.

With peace and love, Sarah McCann

These are just the beginning - more images will be posted soon!