Making in the Midst Of...

Curated by Sarah B. McCann

On view October 5 - November 24, 2019

Hurwitz Gallery | Fred Lazarus IV Center | Maryland Institute College of Art

Shannon Brinkley | Thomas Doyle | Danielle Dravenstadt | Tanya Garcia | Elena Johnston | Erin Lehrmann | Lauren R. Lyde | Natovian McLeod | Edgar Reyes

Making in the Midst of… is an exhibition that seeks to uncover why community artists, arts educators and other creative professionals continue their personal creative pursuits in the midst of their other responsibilities. The exhibition brings together alumni of MICA’s MFA in Community Arts (MFACA), MA in Teaching (MAT), and MA in Art Education (MAAE) programs to look at how their art-making practice supports and deepens their professional work in each field. These three programs do not just nurture artists in art-making, but also in how to use art as a tool to connect, educate and engage often in the furtherance of social justice and community building. In these ways they transform the world from what it is to what it could be. The artists talk about how their personal creative practice connects to their professional practice and share their motivation for continuing to create despite all of the other obligations in their lives.

This exhibition was on view at the Hurwitz Gallery, which is part of The Hurwitz Center located in Maryland Institute College of Art's Fred Lazarus IV Center. The Hurwitz Center advances MICA’s long commitment to art and design education and field-based social practice; cultivates a network of community-based practitioners, educators and scholars empowered to promote innovative pedagogy and research through engagement with art and design; catalyzes dialogue and inspires action through collaborative partnerships, events, projects, and publications that serve Baltimore, the State of Maryland, the nation and beyond.