Jesus Pieces

Mixed Media

2021 -2022

Each piece 12"x9"

This series combines the lyrics from the song Suzanne with the Stations of the Cross. This body of work examines the role of spirituality, life and death, the journey of Jesus and in many ways how this journey parallels the journey of each of us through our lives. The lyrics “only drowning men can see him” were really what drew me to this work and I began creating these pieces by collecting discarded metal objects I found. As I created the work, it began to delve deeply into the dark thought that the only way we as a people are able to grow, change, connect to each other, and to something larger is by directly barreling toward our own death and destruction.

This feels in direct contrast to the idea of Jesus that I was raised with in the church. Jesus as hope, a savior, a son of God born of a mortals to save us all from any sins or missteps we may take.

In addition, in our current reality this idea of humanity drowning seems to be at the forefront of many conversations, those relating to global warming, the ongoing racial reckoning to address the sins of slavery and racism, the global pandemic that it seems we do not have the ability to overcome, and the many other forms of evil, oppression, and catastrophe that we currently face. Are we drowning? And do we have more faith because of this? Or are we losing faith as we sink?

I also liked this idea that the detritus I was collecting for these pieces was somehow also a possible representation of hope and/or our eventual demise. Stepping on a rusty piece of metal and getting tetanus was a deep fear that was drilled into me as a child, yet also, most of the broken pieces I was picking up were originally tools, car parts, things that make our life easier and more convenient, but also - now - dangers that might destroy us.

Jesus Was a Sailor

When He Walked Upon the Water

And He Spent a Long Time Watching

From His Lonely Wooden Tower

And When He Knew For Certain

Only Drowning Men Could See Him

He Said All Men Would Be Sailors Then

Until the Sea Shall Free Them

But He Himself Was Broken

Long Before the Sky Would Open


Almost Human

He Sank Beneath Your Wisdom

Like a Stone