Laura Cohen

Cheers! Let's Declare War on Dishonest Interaction
Home brew: Water, barley, wheat, hops, malt extract, yeast, blackberries, strawberries, water, sugar, recycled glass bottles, wheat paste, collage, ink, paper

Individually and collectively, for dozens of reasons, we interact dishonestly with others.  Let’s declare war on dishonest interaction!

In taking this homebrewed beverage, the viewer and participant agree to follow the prompt stated on the label for the rest of their social interactions the evening of the opening and with luck, in all future interactions. Hooray for honest interactions with others and delicious home brewed beer!

The following 50 prompts are based on the asked question, “What is the key to honest interaction?”

1. make eye contact

2. limit alcohol intake to 1 beverage

3. tell the truth

4. put your phone away

5. don’t multitask

6. communicate the truth

7. admit when you’re  wrong

8. admit when you don’t know

9. pause, reflect and respond

10. avoid yes or no questions

11. say what you mean

12. smile when you feel like it

13. don’t be agreeable by default

14. listen

15. when you ask someone how they are, listen to the answer

16. don’t prescribe to stereotypes

17. don’t take things personally

18. don’t be afraid

19. vulnerability is OK

20. sugar coating is for suckers

21. remember conflict can be positive

22. keep your gun in your pants

23. don’t make jokes at others’ expense

24. don’t judge others who aren’t present to defend themselves

25. politeness is overrated

26. give credit where and to whom it’s due

27. figure out your truth and tell it

28. be creative

29. make up your own mind

30. tell me if you want to kiss me

31. tell me if you love me

32. ask my if I’m gay

33. assumption makes as ass of everyone

34. verbalize your expectations

35. be aware of your issues

36. acknowledge eye contact with strangers

37. don’t give birth to rumors

38. accept your humanness

39. don’t judge me because you suck

40. follow through with stated intentions and promises

41. be honest about your limitations

42. prepare yourself for the truth

43. acknowledge others

44. forget fear

45. know your social motivation

46. trust

47. be present with your prejudges

48. be present

49. say no when you mean no

50. recognize power dynamics