It occurred to me last week that change is about questions. Transformation of ourselves and the world will only occur through a challenging of the way we are and a consideration of what is possible. At the moment in my life that I began to see that the world should and could be different, I started asking myself questions like: "To change everything where do we begin?" and "What can one do?". I created signs and banners with these questions on them (see Then I began to search out answers. These answers were often more questions. Yet, with each new question, I knew that I had changed or had impacted my surroundings. Often in my artwork, I use visual means to express these questions, hoping that in asking them in a public space, they will encourage others to seek out their own answers and paths to transformation and growth. And from this place I became an educator and began asking these questions of my students.

Different questions are needed at different times. Reflecting on why we do the things that we have done, how we have arrived at this particular moment in time, what we want, who we need to surround ourselves with to reach this desire and where we need to be to complete it. These questions are crucial for me as an educator. In discovering why we do things and how we have come to be here, we are able to make connections between our actions and our place in the world. By figuring our what we want or how we want to be in the world, we are able to choose those people and places that will help us achieve this. Young people need these questions so that they can find their way in life, to grow into their potential and to see the world as it is, as it could be and work to move from one place to the next.

What questions have you asked yourself at moments of change?
What questions were the catalyst for this change?
Who are you?
How did you get here?
Where are you going?