I have never in my life walked out of a move, until tonight. This is my week off at home and I am having a hard time not working so I decided what I needed tonight was just some purely entertaining entertainment. I wanted to go to the movies and see something light-hearted, funny, a little bit stupid, and enjoyable. I checked the movie listings, decided against all the heavy sounding flicks at the independent cinema and went to see The Other Guys. I watched the preview and laughed and imaged that the Will Ferrell/Mark Wahlberg feature would be something like The Elf meets I Heart Huckabees, both of which I thought were funny and somewhat endearing. Was I wrong. The movie begins with an exaggerated police chase through the streets of New York ending in $12million dollars worth of damage, but the beloved hero cops (Samuel L. Jackson and Dwayne Johnson) took down the bad guys in the end and so the city cheers them. I love seeing New York on screen and I appreciate the irony of this opening chase, but for me it was too much. Luckily this pair of cops don't live more than 15 minutes into the film, jumping to their deaths off a 20 story building after more bad guys. Their jump was one of the only parts that I thought was funny. Enter Allen Gamble and Terry Hoitz (Ferrel and Wahlberg), they are a pair of mismatched detectives who are the title characters, the "other guys." At first I almost liked Allen Gamble's character, he stands up to Terry's badgering and is different. Terry on the other hand insults Allen for pissing too femininely and more. The amount of jokes at the cost of women was one of the first things that turned me off to the movie. And then, once we meet Allen's wife, Dr. Sheila Gamble (played by Eva Mendes) Allen's character treats her miserably and I could no longer stomach him. None of the characters are able to speak honestly with each other, they end up yelling and badgering and making jokes in poor taste and the fact that this is marketed as comedy is sad. I left about forty-five minutes into it. The pacing of the movie didn't even keep me engaged, each scene went on a little longer than it should and Ferrell and Wahlberg had very little chemistry on screen. I didn't even really believe that Terry disliked Allen, he just seemed to like yelling and being a bully. Hopefully the action eventually picked up and then maybe there would have been more slap stick antics that would have made me laugh, but the opening made me think the movie was such a waste of time, reinforcing negative stereotypes (about women, minorities, men, etc.) and providing a very poor example of people communicating. I should have gone to see Iron Man 2 at the Beltway Cinemas for half the price.