I participated in a training through TASI (The After School Institute) at the end of November. One of the activities we did during the training was to write the story of a youth based on a picture on the wall. In groups we had to create an identity, give them names, hobbies, jobs, educations, friends, etc. We pretty much had to make judgements about who they were in 2 minutes based on the single photograph. I really enjoyed the activity, it definitely addressed some stereotypes that the group had, but was also a really nice writing assignment. I was able to imagine some fantastic lives for some of these people.

The activity gave me an idea for an art project. I want to post a photo of myself online and have people write their impressions about who I am in 2 minutes. All of the responses will be posted with the photograph. I think if I can gather a bunch it will be really interesting. And then open it up to other people to post their photos and have people comment on them. I am not sure I have the web design skills to make the webpage exactly how I want it, but I think it would be a really amazing view of the way we present ourselves to the world, people's perceptions and differing perspectives. I will let you know when and where I post the photo.