This poem could potentially be the first poem I perform at an open mic, if I ever build enough courage and find the right venue:

Trying to engage power
In a conversation
It doesn't want to hear
Because abusive power
Is ugly
And looking at the reflection
Of ugly use of power

But it hurts less
Then continuing on
An unreflective path
A disconnected life

It hurts less 
Than becoming an island

Ugly abusive use of power
Pushes everyone away
When you stand alone
What choice will you make?

In a world of choices
Will you cut down
All those around you?
Will you stunt your own growth
Have you already
Been stunted

Has your potential gone dry
Like a puddle
On a hot day

It is your choice
Will you engage
Be part of this poem
This conversation
This vision
Of power

We all have it
It is how we use it
That counts

Will you use it over me?
Over all
To put us down 
To shut us up

Or with me 
With us

To be part of something
Greater than yourself

It is a choice
How to use power
Engage in conversation
Or silence
With intimidation