New Yorkers know how to deal with snow. With the amount of snow that fell two nights ago, there is no reason that sidewalks should be covered in a solid layer of ice. Not that I should be complaining, the block outside my door is the slickest I have encountered and I have no one to blame but myself. I really don't understand the rest of the city though, unless Baltimore is really where I belong and I fit in so well that I am just one of the many people completely unprepared for any type of winter weather and who don't have a shovel or a bag of salt. I used table salt to melt the ice on the four or five stairs on my stoop, but didn't have enough to do the whole sidewalk.

In New York, there would have immediately been a layer of salt and sand on just about all sidewalks. People would have been out en mass with shovels and brooms and there would have been so many people walking by that any snow left would be kicked out of the way. Maybe that is it, it is the amount of people in the city that enables New York to get the snow and ice cleared. I don't miss being around that many people all of the time so maybe I don't really miss the clean sidewalks in New York. Maybe I just need to learn to be better prepared. To invest in a shovel and get up early and clear the block in front of my house. Maybe then others would follow my example and I could share my bag of salt and we could have a whole two blocks clear. Maybe then people would start talking about how great Baltimore is, once all the blocks are clear of snow first thing in the morning. Maybe then more people would move here and clear their blocks, maybe then it would be as crowded as New York. Ugh that sounds awful and completely improbable, but having a block that I can walk down instead of slide does seem like something that I would like to have - so I will stop at the hardware store today and invest in a shovel. It will probably not snow again this winter if I do.