It is a beautiful and sunny Saturday and I am at work, at a desk, in front of a computer. I updated my Facebook status this morning to say where I was (Baltimore Clayworks) and that there was a new show in the gallery that people should come see. Since that time I have been tempted to update my status much more than usual. I want to write, "What a beautiful day" "I wish I was outside" "I need a cup of coffee" "I need a snack". Sometimes friends and I joke about how some people update their status so much that it seems their life is an excuse to post, rather than their primary activity. I wonder though, for me today, the updating of my status is something I desire to do for human contact. I have stopped myself from posting so I must not feel that this goal of connection would be reached by updating my status or rather if the first status did not bring me direct human contact, the one's following would only make my lack of company today greater.

There is some form of relationship building in updating statuses, on twitter, in blogs, via e-mail, but all of these means of communication have limits. And those limits can only be transcended by real human connection. By a person in front of me, talking face-to-face, hugging, shaking hands, etc. What can we do then, when we are sitting in front of a computer all day? Does sharing in the alienation of this activity make us less alienated?

I feel better having written this, it has passed the time, but time should not be about passing, time should be about living and I cannot wait until 5:00 when I can again reconnect in person.