I didn't know how I would feel about moving to a small city. Having lived in New York for seven years, there was something that I enjoyed about the anonymity it allowed. And having lived in New York for seven years, there was something oppressive that happened when I began to know enough people to run into them randomly on the street or when I would recognized strangers, simply because our patterns overlapped. And yet here I am, in Baltimore, I have been here for just about three years now and I love it. Maybe it is the circles that I travel in, the community arts world is very small here and just about anywhere I go, I run into a fellow community artist. It is wonderful though, never have I known such an incredible group of people. The wealth of their knowledge, the generosity of their spirits, the beauty in the way in which they see the world never ceases to amaze me. It is fabulous to run into them also, to share what I am doing and to hear about their new projects and ideas. Baltimore is a fertile place for creative people because it is full of so many of them. It is a great city to find collaborators, people to bounce ideas off of, and support. So I do heart Baltimore, which is called Smalltimore for good reason, but which I have not found negative at all.