I had a realization recently that someone who had power over me was willing to use that power over me, rather than with me. It is my belief that power used with all involved produces much better results than power used over, which produces unhappiness and pain. In the circumstance that I was in, it definitely did not feel good. I try to be honest with people, to tell them truthfully what I see and feel and understand from my perspective regardless of who they are in my life. This may get me in trouble sometimes, but I feel like I am also open and invested in talking through the conflict and finding a resolution that all can agree on. What happens though when someone who does hold power over me isn't invested in this dialogue? I had a very clear moment where  I realized that this was the circumstance that I was in and I wonder, how does one speak truth to power when the one in power is choosing not to listen? And when that person is willing to use that power over me so that am not heard and do not have another opportunity to speak? And what happens when it is not just me, but a whole group of people that are being silenced?