The following article about Noam Chomsky taking a day off to rest and relax is pretty amusing and made me consider my own life and whether I was doing enough to keep healthy and sane amidst all that needs to be done:,17404/

I also read it right before I actually took the first long weekend I have had in a while. Most of my weekends currently are one day. Getting away makes a huge difference. I spent the weekend on Assateague Island. I had never been there before, but had read all of the books about the wild ponies that live there as a young girl. I didn't bring any work, I didn't even bring a notebook, which I did regret a little, but would have probably led to work. 

It is funny how differently one thinks, when one doesn't have to do anything or cannot do the things that one does everyday. I have been having this experience recently on Sundays as well, planning nothing and waking up to an incredible feeling that I could do anything, but don't have to if I don't want to. It definitely frees the mind and creates necessary space to recover from stress.

Somewhere in the article Chomsky says that he will not worry about the world's problems today because they will still be there tomorrow. It is true, everything that needs to get done will still be there to get done when one gets back from a break, but having had that break, they will get done much better.

And Assateague is beautiful. I slept in a tent, laid on the beach, put my feet in the ocean (it was still a little cold for swimming), tried to fly a kite, cooked food on a stick over a fire, just sat next to the fire, saw wild ponies, spent some quality time with some amazing people, and really enjoyed myself.  The last night there the tent did blow over and fill with water, but for some reason that made the trip even better. It makes me feel like I got a little closer to nature, was exciting, and provides a good story.

So here is to breaks and time spent somewhere else, to sun and beaches and ponies!