I ask this question to people I get involved with. Sometimes it surprises them, sometimes it perplexes them, but it is important. And having asked a few people now, gotten a variety of answers, and been asked it in return I realize that it is really about caring for oneself. Maybe care is a better way to describe it considering how "love" is characterized in this society. I have had a lucky span of time where I have been confident in myself and what I am doing. Of course this is not how I feel every moment of every day and this is why I think my question sometimes confuses people. It is not about being happy and confident in oneself all the time, but about taking care of oneself when one is not. It is about acknowledging anger, self-doubt, sadness, and mistakes. About embracing these feelings and being gentle with them. Loving oneself means accepting strengths and weaknesses, caring, taking care at one's best and one's worst. Not punishing oneself for not being where you thought you would be. Being generous, honest, and always doing one's best. Acknowledging that one's best will change from moment to moment. Allowing this to be ok.