Dancing is a way to have voice. A way to express who and what we are and to embody all the joy and feeling of life. When people are fully present in the moment, in the music, in the song, it is not only a beautiful thing to witness, but also to experience. I danced last night at the Ottobar's Prince vs. Madonna vs. Michael Jackson Dance Party and there was a really great feel there. It was not the usual meat market bars tend to be, people were there to dance. And we did. I didn't used to dance. I called a friend of mine in New York a couple of years back and told her I was going dancing and she said she had never heard me use those words in a sentence before. It seems a shame. I have learned much from dancing. Most of life is like dancing. When I am fully invested in an experience, in an exchange with another, in my work with community, I dance. And in the best case scenario the others involved join in. I have learned as a community artist that I have to be the one to start dancing - people are not always prepared to put themselves out there until someone else does. Once one does however, dancing becomes an act of love. It opens means of communication and understanding and brings us closer to sharing our hearts.