I know that I have written in the past about support being a crucial ingredient for successful community arts projects. Today I find myself again thinking about support and how it is key in so much more.

In considering what makes people choose creative over destructive decisions, I realize the role of support. Whether it is in becoming one's true self, creating beautiful objects and experiences or finding creative solutions to problems, it is having someone to listen, be there for you and accept you regardless of who you are and what you have done (but who also holds you accountable) that allows one (even if it is not instantaneous) to move forward toward creativity, expression and life. 

Deciding to choose creativity is choosing life. It is doing the things that are joyful, beautiful and full of love. It is what we do when we are making the choice to be our best selves, follow our unique path and do what is needed to be happy. I have been lucky in having people in my life that support me in all that I do and I am thankful for everyone. I could not be and do all that I do without you.