I like coffee. That said, I am also very sensitive to caffeine. I forget sometimes when I get into the habit of drinking coffee everyday. I was in this habit for most of last year. The year before I had limited my intake and was drinking a lot of decaf. It doesn't taste the same, but it fulfills my desire for coffee without the anxiety of too much caffeine. So at the start of this year I made a resolution to not drink coffee everyday. And so for the last 2 weeks I have been weening myself off of my daily intake. I started slow because I am aware that trying to make a huge change in life without a gradual and aware process does not work. I began by drinking small cups of half/caff every day and am allowing myself fully caffeinated coffee once a week. This is amazing. Only having coffee once a week really makes me aware of how much of an effect caffeine has on me and makes that effect much more enjoyable. Instead of being on overdrive all the time, I can enjoy the one morning of high energy productivity. When I run out of half/caff I will switch to decaf. I like coffee, but I really like it when I can fully experience that coffee. So coffee once a week. Yes.