What has to happen for us to make the choices that are what we need, want and make us our best possible selves?

I have been riding my bike as primary means of transportation for two weeks now. Somehow it is something that I have always wanted to do and I am feeling really good about my decision. The fact that my car had to break down for me to make this decision has me considering doing things out of necessity versus doing things by choice. I started riding my bike because my car broke down and I needed this to happen in order to start riding my bike, but I do think that pursuing biking is an active choice. I even bought a new bike this morning so that biking is a viable option, my old bike could not cut it as a means to get to work everyday.

I think that I am going to be successful in this transition to a car free existence and a big part of this has been encouragement. People have been so supportive of this new endeavor. Those who also got rid of their cars and started biking everywhere have been a great help in offering their advice and experience. And those who I know who still have cars have been gracious and helpful in offering rides when I need them. I cannot thank all of these people enough.

Sometimes I think that we are often given the opportunity to make choices about what we need and want in times of stress and when things do go wrong. It is at these moments that there is great potential to make the choices necessary to move in the direction of becoming our best/truest selves. And especially when one has a community that is supportive, the change and transition can be made with grace and success.

Thank you to all who have been supportive! I will try to do the same.