Why do so many people only think about themselves? I understand the importance of needing to know what one wants and being able to articulate it, otherwise it will never be had, but at the same time, when what one wants will have an effect on another person, the other person's desires and needs should be taken into account before one acts. Relationships must be reciprocal in order to be healthy. This has much to do with the Walmart Remington debate. If Walmart was a person (which actually as a corporate entity it is considered under the law) it would now be entering into a relationship with all residents of Remington. Not all of these people want to be in that relationship and this is the problem. Walmart and developers have the power to act regardless of others' desires and this fact, if the people are not listened to, will create an unhealthy relationship if Walmart is built in Remington. I know that sometimes our desires are at odds with others' and that conflict is unavoidable, but clearly disrespecting the desires of others if they have been vocal about what they want/need is not ok. We all want respect, but respect is something earned and it is earned by respecting others and also respecting oneself. We cannot be self-less, if we are than we are disrespecting the self, but at the same time we cannot be selfish or we are disrespecting others. It is a delicate balance we must find.