Working on a video to launch a kickstarter to fund the next exhibition I am curating that will open in June. My dear friend who often doubles as my editor after viewing it said, “I know what you are going to do, I know how you are going to do it, but why is it important?” I often end up here, thinking that the why is obvious and that people who are not me will understand why I do what I do. I forget sometimes that most everyone does not think like I do. 

The exhibition is about connections and this is the theme that is current in all the work that I do. I began with two artists whose work I hung next to each other in two consecutive exhibitions. I decided to examine the connection that I found between them. There was a realized possibility inherent in establishing a project that began with these two individuals who were very different, but who were working with similar themes and ideas in their work. After these two artists agreed to be in the exhibition, I tasked each of them with choosing an additional artist that they were connected to, but also different from. These two artists did the same, as did the next two who then agreed on a seventh. We had dinner. We examined in what ways our connections went deeper Looked at what institutions and organizations we had in common. We contemplated the fact that we were all transplanted to Baltimore. We wondered if there were a way to include creative individuals that were born here in the show. I was able to connect one of the artists to a residency at a middle/high school and our scope expanded to include young artists and dancers from Baltimore. We also pulled in two additional visual artists and two dancers who taught at the school to be featured in the exhibition. 

Even though the exhibition is not hung yet, for me it is a success. Why? It has connected fine artists in Baltimore from different backgrounds and perspectives.It has connected professional artists and youth. It has provided an opportunity for multiple perspectives of Baltimore to be viewed in the same space. Why is this important? Baltimore's thriving art scene is multifaceted and this exhibition highlights the connections between artists across the city. These connections build better understanding and stronger community. The exhibition illustrates through art the existence of the potential to understand and celebrate each other, prioritize connection over difference and build on these connections to create a more tolerant and creative community.

I think of it like weaving fabric. Threads laid out parallel to each other do not create a strong connection, they are separate and will blow away in the wind. Threads woven together create something stronger than any single piece alone. This is the fabric we must establish our communities from by assembling our individual strengths and resource into something larger. It is only through forging connections and relationships that we are able to create a thriving community that supports its members during trying times, cares for all and provides a framework for addressing social issues in a just and equitable way.

The exhibition titled Baltimore from Many Perspectives will be held at D Center June 15th - July 21st, 2013. To view more information about this exhibitions and the artists included please visit: