For those of you who saw the link I posted to 750 words, I have now written a little more than 2,250 words in the last three days. is a website that challenges members to write 750 words each day. A coworker told me about it and I had to try. There is something that I really like about this process. The first day it was hard to get to the last word. I don't think that I had the capacity to really understand how many words 750 was because I had never written with that as the goal. Now that I have it makes it easier. I understand what I am asked to do. I enjoy the freedom of writing whatever I want. I follow my thoughts and write as they come. So far I have had two relatively focused days and one distracted day (this is my evaluation, not the statistics from the website). On all three days I felt clear headed, conscious and accomplished after completing the writing. I will see how long I can keep it up. Like video games and other online interactive sites, there are accomplishments gained as one completes writing each day. I am an egg, but as I write on consecutive days will hatch into a bird of some sort and then continue to transform into different types of flying creatures (or so I am told). You are also able to compete with other site members to write for a full month. The writing is private, which is nice, although I am suspect about how anything on the internet can truly be private. The site also gives you statistics about how you were feeling on a day, whether you are introverted or extroverted, focused on yourself or others. I think it does this by word counts so I am not sure they are always accurate depending on the context of the words, but it is fun to have that kind of evaluation built in. If you like to write I would suggest trying it!  Here is the link: